Bamboo Build & Marble Run Basic Set

Bamboo Build & Marble Run Basic Set

Drop in on a brilliantly beautiful, powerful, Eco-friendly marble-run adventure!

Each set features hand-crafted, carbonized tracks, colorful bamboo cylinders, and sustainable wood powder spirals that deliver multi-functional fun with an infinite number of possible designs.

Start small with the 78 or 119-piece sets featuring the basic towers, tracks, and one spiraling vortex each.

Bamboo Build & Marble Run Basic Set

Dive into the deep end with the 168-piece set where loads of pieces allow for endless possibilities – Or, get extra creative with the 127-piece set which features chimes that make music as the marbles roll this way and that.

You can even combine all four of them to create the ultimate, bamboo marble-run metropolis!

And don’t worry if you can’t get the creative juices flowing right away – Open up the instruction book included in each set and you’ll find basic building concepts plus exciting tips and tricks that’ll really get your marbles rolling.

Early engineering, three-dimensional thinking, creativity, and problem solving all get a big boost once kids start exploring the unique, Earth-friendly thrill of the Bamboo Builder Marble Run sets.

Bamboo Build & Marble Run Basic Set

Bamboo Builder Marble Run
Strong, sturdy marble run sets made of bamboo and other sustainable materials

Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, early engineering skills, critical thinking, creativity

A brilliant way to develop a strong STEM foundation

Sets each feature hand-crafted carbonized tracks, bamboo cylinders, sustainable wood powder spirals

Multi-functional fun with infinite design possibilities

Build each one from the ground up any way you want – Or follow along with included instruction book

Bamboo Build & Marble Run Basic Set

Choose either the 78, 119, 127, or 168 piece set

78 and 119 piece sets come with 1 spiral

127 piece set comes with 1 spiral plus 4 tracks featuring built-in chimes for making music with your marbles

168 piece set comes with 2 spirals and loads more tracks

All sets come with 30 marbles and an instruction book, plus rope rings to keep marbles from rolling across the floor

All sets are fully interchangeable – Combine them all to create the ultimate marble-run metropolis!Exceptionally strong, high-quality materials – Wonderfully sturdy, easy to build, Eco-friendly

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