Robotime Robotic Dinosaurs T-Rex

  • Wonderful Project! Gets the kids away from the TV and computer Screen! Let them explore the Jurassic Period!
  • FUN – most children fall in love with the sound-activated 3D dinosaurs puzzle at first sight and eventually get proud of what they have built. This walking and roaring dinosaurs after finished always surprises children as a new wonderland.
  • CREATIVE – this educational and cool 3D toy builds up your kids’ minds while being built by your kid’s hands. There is no such thing could enhance your kids’ creativity and practicing ability with fun and enjoyment as ROBOTIME DIY toys.
  • PARENT-CHILDREN INTERACTION – It brings unforgettable times of working together on projects between you and your kids. A super awesome bond for family ties. It’s time to get closer with your kids!
  • 100% SATISFACTION FEEDBACK -You will never get disappointed about 100% original design of ROBOTIME!

Robotime Original Design – Walking T-rex 3-D Wooden Puzzle – Sound Control series

Could you imagine the wood can move?
Welcome to ROBOTIME wooden Jurassic World!   T-rex, Triceratops,Stegosurus ,Mamooth …. all the prehistoric 3D wooden animals are easily to put together without requiring any tools,  after assembling, they are motorized, come and play with them. 

Little cute dinosaur are running there.. They are just babies, simple and easy, powered by battery.
OK, families are all here, let’s have party tonight!

I can Walking,Roaring,Swing and Sound Control

My name is T-Rex, and i was born in 2009, i have had lots of little Friends all over the world. Do you want to paly with me?

  1. Frist, you should assemble me carefully under the instruction with patience.
  2. After successfully  assembled, you can control me
  3. i can be Walking, Roaring, Swing by your sound control

Let’s play together !

How to Play with the Amazing T-Rex Dinosaur ?

Soud Control by your hand

  • Clap Once: T-rex will move forward
  • Continuous hand-clapping 2 times: T-Rex can go right
  • Continuous hand-clapping 3 times: T-Rex can go left

At the same time T-Rex will be Roaring like the real one, it is Amazing Gift or Toys for your Kids !

ROBOTIME – Dinosaur T-rex Assembling Process

Robotime T-rex with 85 pre-cut wooden piece,put together interlocking puzzle pieces following the user instruction book step by step with careful and patient. 

During the assembling process, your kids and you can work together with each other to enjoy the fun and happy moment, it’s really great !

At last, it will turn into a 3-D model, a robot dinosuar, a t-rex can walk,soar and swing, controlled by your sound. It’s really amazing !

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